Edwards Air force Base open House
October 9th-10th 1999
Antelope valley,California, USA.

The final flight ever for the SR71 Blackbird came on October 9th at this show.
The attempt to fly on the Sunday was curtailed by the discovery of a severe fuel leak.
Back in those days at shows I used to combine video and photography at the same time.
This juggeling act was not easy, so nowadays I just photograph, it's alot easier!

Here is a short movie of that very last 'Habu' flight from take off to landing

including the famous double sonic boom as she crossed the Edwards skys at Mach 3.21 for the very last time.

This movie footage was shot by me Paul Drabot,
and a fellow enthusiast Steve Ward without whom this movie could never have been put together.

One other notable but significant event at this show
was the first ever public appearance of the USAF's
"brand new" fighter the F22 Raptor. Edwards were
given both Raptors 001&002 for testing and they
flew both machines on alternate days and treated
these flights as test missions with a home based F16
chase plane. No displays at that stage so just a few
fly by's and touch and go's, but it was the first official
public viewing of both Raptors in the air.

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