The venue for the Nato Tiger meet 2009 was held at Kleine Brogel Air Base in Belgium between the 14th- 25th September.
On Friday the 18th the base opened its gates to some 6000 aviation enthusiasts and 1000 VIPs giving them the chance to witness and photograph
all of the days activities envolving the launching of some fifty plus fighter jets going out on excercise,
both in the morning and another mass launch in the afternoon.Also during the day were rehersals from various aircraft for the Sanicole airshow.

There was also an airfield attack with F16s from the Belgium Air Force and a helicopter force of Hinds from the Czech Republic, with assault
landings from an Italian AB212 Bell Huey and assisting were two Augusta helicopters.

The stars of the show were the special paint jobs on some of the aircraft. At least one aircraft from each squadron wore special tiger colours,and
these "speicals" were celebrated in a one-off formation consisting of eleven fast jets .


This was a very well organised event enabling enthusiasts the rare chance of some behind the scenes military action,
plus an excellent days shooting in near perfect photographic conditions.

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