Overseas Airshows

Overseas Airshows

Anyone who attends airshows in the UK will know that the weather can play a huge part in the proceedings!
  Whilst you cannot guarantee fine weather in the USA, the odds are far more favourable, especially the further West you travel.
Events in the US generally have a very good  mix of civilian and military items on the programme
(not to mention the occasional jet-propelled truck!) so there is generally something for everyone!
The added draw for UK visitors (aside from excellent burgers and hotdogs at reasonable prices!)
are the plentiful opportunities to witness items which are rarely, or never, seen in the UK or Europe.
There are also some superb museums to enjoy.

Our first US show was back in 1997 at the USAF's 50th Anniversary held at Nellis AFB Nevada,
and ever since then we have been hooked!
They certainly know how to put on a show, so to anyone who has not yet ventured
across 'the Pond' to experience one, we can thoroughly recommend it.

Golden Air Tattoo
Nellis AFB 97


Alabama 2004

Pensacola 2004

Nellis 2004

Oceana 2005