RIAT 2005

The Royal International Air Tattoo 16th-17th July
RAF Fairford, United Kingdom.2005

RIAT 2005

Over the two public days at RIAT 05
Mark and I were invited to be
"pole holders"for the world record
attempt for ribbon cutting by Will Curtis in his Sukhoi SU 26.
How could we possibly refuse?

On the Saturday we were actual "pole
V holders",but on the Sunday there were too many, so we were assigned as photographers,so it was lucky we took the cameras over there!
It was good to see Fairford from a
different perspective.

Marks trigger finger goes straight
into action, taking advantage of
a once in a lifetime chance to be
on the "other"side for a change.

After getting the all clear
we start making our
way to the standing point
on the runway.

The ribbons are ready
everybodys in place,
and Will starts his display,
we await with anticipation.

Poles aloft, the time had
come for the attempt.

Will does a reccie of the
situation,while the pole
holders fight to hang on to
thier poles in the gusting wind.

You could feel the draft
as he passed just feet away.

Inches from the ground.

Reccie over, and Will
pulls up from
that super low level pass.

Will starts the record attempt
inverted and very low.
Photgraphy at this point became
a little "wobbley"

He was so low that he missed
the first few rows of ribbons
flying underneath them!

He starts to pull up,
which cant be that easy inverted!

As Will pulls up he manages
to cut some of the ribbons
but unfortunately not enough
for a world record.

Will leaves Fairford for yet
another show, and waves goodbye
to his willing helpers.
All in all, a great experience.

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