RAF Scampton Red Arrows Visit
Febuary 16th 2011

On the 16th February 2011, I was part of a small group of people who were fortunate enough to spend a day 'behind the scenes' with the Red Arrows
during the early stages of their pre-season training.
We were told about the history and activities of the team,received a tour of the Hawk, sat in on pre and post flight briefings,
had lunch with the pilots in the squadron mess and watched a four ship training flight.
I came away with new admiration for a team that I had seen display on numerous occasions over the years.

It was a truly memorable day at historic RAF Scampton.

We had no idea how poignant the day would become and that the season ahead would be so tragic
with two separate accidents claiming the lives of Flt Lt Jon Egging and Flt Lt Sean Cunningham,
two of the pilots we had watched training that day and who had been so approachable during our time with the team.

This page is therefore dedicated to them.


Please note that Dr Emma Egging has set up a trust in memory of her husband.
The Jon Egging Trust aims to give disadvantaged young people the opportunity to achieve their potential through gaining access to a variety of inspirational activities and experience the thrill of flight.
For more information on the trust and to find out how to donate, please visit their website:  http://joneggingtrust.moonfruit.com/home/4555145621

I would like to thank all of those involved with making a memorable day possible.
Mark Preston.