Seymour Johnson AFB
North Carolina, USA
September 2005

Whilst on our trip to the 2005 Oceana show in Virginia,we were down to visit the Marine Core base at New River where the Ospreys are based.
Unfortunately hurricane Ophelia had started to batter the New River area when we arrived in the States, so our tour of that base had to be cancelled.
Not to be beaten, a very speedy tour of Seymour Johnson AFB was organised,which was about 45 mins away from our hotel.
This base is the home of 4th Fighter Wing with their F-15E Strike Eagles.
Many of the F15s had been evacuated from Seymour Johnson while the hurricane threatened the area.As luck would have it, it was deemed safe
for the Eagles to return on the day we had our visit,so we witnessed several waves of aircraft returning home.
With access to most parts of the base and with some great photo opportunities this day turned out to be a great alternative to our previously arranged tour.
.A big thankyou to Richard Cooper and to the public affairs of Seymour Johnson AFB who made it all happen.
..........Paul Drabot

The entire base comes to a grinding halt,
including the traffic,for the lowering of the flag ceremony,
to mark the end of the working day.