The Blue Angels homecoming show
Pensacola NAS,Pensacola, Florida,12th November 2004

The 'Weather Gods' were kind to us in Florida's panhandle! We had flown in from Atlanta the day before the show, passing through towering cloud formations before landing at a rain-drenched airport surrounded by numerous houses showing the scars of recent Hurricane Ivan.
However, this was to be our first Stateside show since the events of 9/11, so we still had mixed emotions beforehand. Would the rumours of tighter security restrictions mean that our camera bags would not be allowed into the show, leaving us no choice but to carry our precious lenses in our pockets and carrier bags?

Thankfully not!  Instead we found ourselves waved through security to a surreal static ramp that included amongst other 'gems',
our first CV-22 Osprey and a VF-143 Pukin' Dogs F-14 Tomcat!
  After taking in the static display, we got ourselves comfortable in the bleacher stand,with a plentiful supply of burgers
, hotdogs and Budweiser and enjoyed another fantastic US airshow.
 Glorious November sunlight provided excellent photo opportunities and the day was topped off
by our first experience of a Blue Angels display (including their C-130 'Fat Albert' and its JATO take-off!).

All in all a brilliant way to start our whistle-stop trip to the States. 
Next stop Las Vegas and the Aviation Nation Airshow at Nellis!  No rest for the wicked!
(text by Mark Preston)

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