USS Alabama home pageWhile visiting the Blue Angels Home Coming airshow at Pensacola, we were to actually be staying in Pensacola itself.But back in October that year the area was hit by hurricane Ivan,which as we witnessed even in November was absolutely devastating.

As we flew in to Pensacola airport, you could see how many blue tarpaulins were still covering many roof tops in the area, so as a consequence we had to stay in a town called Mobile in Alabama,as any hotels that were still active in Pensacola,were housing homeless people or the the workers that were brought in to repair the town.

We stayed in a complex called Battleship Memorial Park, which housed an outdoor and indoor aircraft museum, although the indoor part was closed due to the damage from hurricane Ivan, most of the exhibits were placed outside.

But the main item on the complex was the mighty battleship the USS Alabama.It was my first ever visit to such a huge ship and I could not believe the size of it, the main guns alone were massive.We had access to most of the ship and had plenty of time to explore, it really gave you an idea of how frightening it must have been in battle conditions back in the war.

There are very informative exhibits within the ship as well, with pictures of the crews that manned this beast.Also in the complex is a submarine called the USS Drum which you can also explore inside, again they have really kept the theme very well with some superb exhibits inside, again very scary of how cramped it must have been under the water in battle conditions.

All in all I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the Battleship Memorial Park, there is lots to see and do,also there is an excellent gift shop and cafeteria.

Since we visited back in 2004 the complex was hit by hurricane Katrina of which the damage was much worse. It even managed to shift the USS Alabama so that it was listing in the water.

All these details and more can be found on their website which is accessible from the link above.

Here are a few shots from our visit to the park.

Sweet Home Alabama

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